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Golf Tours

Here at PCD we love golf! Our varying size of vehicles in our fleet allow us the ability to transport groups of individuals plus golf clubs in comfort and in style. Our chauffeurs are experienced in the Golf Courses in New Zealand with several of the team being skilled golfers themselves.

Want to do a multi-day tour around the country? No problem, we can offer you a driver and vehicle to assist you for your entire duration at a competitive price.

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"Pulling off a 12 day trip with the boys was difficult but thankfully the van was the easiest part. I loved how easy going the driver was given we constantly were changing plans. Thanks heaps!"

Craig, Queenstown

"My clients all expect premium service like they receive around the world. I am thankful I can rely on PCD to deliver this "

Jennifer, Auckland

"Loved my trip to Tara Iti for the day. It was nice knowing I could leave whenever and my driver was right there. "

Gabriella, Auckland

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