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PCD has one of the largest fleets in the Southern Hemisphere enabling us the ability to provide any number of vehicle to cater for your event transport needs. Unique pricing to match your unique situation allows for an economical and luxurious option all in one. Our drivers work in a team to sync their uniforms and driving routes to ensure each passenger receives the same experience.

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"Your product fulfillment was excellent!

For myself nothing was better than seeing a friendly face in place ready to go upon the schedule time.   Two drivers that stood out was your Auckland crew. Our first driver gave a great introduction to the city on our drive in as well as our driver on the return departure to the airport.  
They treated you like family!"

Emilia, USA

"Just a little thank you for your excellent service to our guests and team during our event in Auckland on 17th and 18th August 2016.


We found the vehicles to be very clean and the drivers professional."

Sharon, Australia

"Thank you for your assistance in pulling off this event for the Rugby World Cup. It was amazing to see 10+ cars of your fleet all lined up in the car park! Your drivers were great and helped make the whole thing less stressful."

Seb, Auckland

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