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Carol Morgan


Carol Morgan is the CEO of Platinum Chauffeur Drive. Carol has owned the business since 2006 and has a strong focus on customer service and a passion for  high quality vehicles. An avid International traveler herself, she regularly is a consumer in private transport and is constantly working on ensuring PCD delivers service that competes with the best in the world.  

Martin Edmonds

Corporate Chauffeur

Marty is PCD's longest serving chauffeur and specialises in VIP/Corporate work. Marty has a strong work ethic and a can do attitude. He maintains a high standard of service and has previous career experience in management roles. As a young man he also served in the NZ Army. Marty is PCD's most highly requested driver for corporate and event work.



Margaret Oppelt

Chauffeur Driver / Tour Guide

Maggie is a fantastic tour guide and can cater to any individuals  interests. Maggie has spent 25+ years in the USA working in hospitality before returning back to NZ to continue working in a service position. Maggie has been with PCD since 2014 and is a highly-valued and highly requested chauffeur. She is best suited for tourists. Maggie is chatty, bright and bubbly and inclined to bring along her ukulele. She is also a skilled and knowledgable golfer. 

Barry Gill


Barry has spent the better part of his life as a real estate agent and confidently knows his way around all areas in Auckland. Because of this career history he is a confident and friendly speaker and easily can gain rapport with all different types of clientele.

Barry is excellent for all corporate/event work and any at disposal/on-call work. He has started some touring training with Maggie and will step into doing half day and city based tours in the following months/ early 2020.


Theo Smith


Theo Smith has recently joined PCD after serving as a private driver for several years at one of the local high-end hotels in Auckland. He is knowledgable in anything from corporate/VIP to touring and any request that falls in between.

Theo worked as a flight attendant for Air NZ for most of his life and is well travelled domestically as well as internationally which enables him to provide educated discussions to his clients about New Zealand and wherever they may have just traveled. He is a confident tour guide and enjoys creating unique and personalised tours specific to the client. Theo is also a skilled golfer and is familiar with courses in New Zealand as well as Tara Iti,

Noel Knight


Noel has been a self employed chauffeur for decades, He started his driving career as a corporate cab driver before quickly realising that his standard of driving was higher than most. This lead to high level VIPs requesting to only be driven by Noel. He then bought himself an Audi A8 and joined the PCD team in providing a high standard of service. Noel is confident in both corporate and touring work. He has a soft and gentle composure which makes him instantly likeable by all who meet him. Noel is a highly valued team member of PCD.

Raoul Collings copy.jpg

Raoul Collings


Raoul was a colleague of Noel when they both were corporate cab drivers and followed suit when Noel left. Raoul is a quick witted gentleman and always the first to smile. Raoul is passionate about providing a high-end service to a client and prides himself on the condition of vehicle he is responsible for. He is skilled at both touring and corporate/event work.

Raoul has spent his life in high ranking positions in the corporate world and has spent a long time being a consumer of the chauffeur industry. He has a great understanding of what the role requires and what truly makes PCD a step above others.

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